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  • November 7 2020

The new customer

● The evolving customer
The modern marketing dilemma is – whether the audiences want personalized ads while already tired of marketing messages. Do you ever wonder why your lead would choose your brand over millions of others in the same digital space? How to can you transform your lead to a customer who eventually becomes your advocate? It is indeed challenging to sing your song amidst the contemporary marketing bedlam all around the digital media. Although even more challenging is the fact that if you fail to stand up to the mark, your leads will start looking for better options. To prove fruitful to the customer and their continually evolving demands, it’s imperative to use tools that help you define, segment, and nurture those leads in a structured way that can be monitored and adjusted as and when required. As Peter Drucker famously said, ‘’ marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.’’ That’s what a CRM does for an organization. Let’s understand what CRM is.
● What does CRM do?
Customer Relationship Management Software’s are tools to manage data for the B2B and/or B2C interactions and manage the lead lifecycle. From the contact information and relationship cycle to the emails, chats, and conversations are kept safe and aligned chronologically to ensure that each lead is served as a different case, requiring additional treatment to bloom out of its dormancy. These systems are designed for sales units, who examine the collected data and employ it to augment their communication with various customers and generate an efficient sales strategy. As technology is improving, the automation in the CRM systems allows you to group similar leads and customers based on interactions and sends timed messages via various channels and media to build strong relationships.
● What businesses can use CRM?
If your business requires prolonged sales cycles and your customer base is vast – categorically as well as quantitatively, then you must use a Customer Relationship Management system.
● How does CRM help?
Having a 360-degree view on your customer, your sales team can distinguish between the cold, warm and hot leads without much ado that saves a lot of time. Focusing the time saved on high potential leads by analyzing their interactions, preferences, requirements and buying history, the conversion rate can increase dramatically.
An increase in engagement will come handy when the interactions are consistent. Each opportunity can be made use of with personalized content and messages at the right time.
With the use of CRM, dependencies on a particular salesperson in your business will decrease and the processes will be more structured and streamlined in case you decide to hire new sales reps. Data leaks and privacy of your company will remain safe with the software you own. Passing of information within the organization becomes easier.
The cutting edge will be a drastic change in customer support as the prompts wouldn’t let you miss any query and/or opportunity.
Typically, a CRM system can be used as a compelling tool for optimizing team administration, but that’s not all. The consolidated reports are also critical for managers to follow the growth of their business and then plan subsequently. Integrated with social media, website, email marketing tools, CRM allows you to track the progress of various campaigns that could have boosted lead generation.
● Challenges in using CRM and how to overcome them
It could be frustrating to fill in all the data related to conversations and contact details in the CRM systems for the salespeople as additional work. However, in the longer run, it cuts down on a lot of admin tasks and boosts the prime objective they have – selling. Once the process is automated and clear, it takes just a few clicks to create reports and notify others about what sales are currently in progress.

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