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  • November 7 2020

Digital marketing agency messanger ad

“I believe a privacy-focused communications platform will become even more important than today’s open platforms.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook messenger is relatively a new place for advertisers to market or promote their brand. It works by allowing targeted users to directly start a text conversation with the business. Messenger ads have a few different types; destination ads, home section ads and sponsored messages. These different types use different approaches but have one thing in common that is to initiate a text conversation with the user which helps in increasing interaction and pushing sales. Messenger ads are a great way to personalize interactions and building a better rapport with the customer, thus increasing trust between the customer and marketer.

Although messenger has half as many active users as his big brother Facebook, There were 2 565 000 Messenger users in Ireland in August 2020, which accounted for 52.2% of its entire population (napoleon cat 2020) (Source: https://napoleoncat.com/stats/messenger-users-in-ireland/2020/08). It can be used as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. For instance, targeting a platform which is less active users automatically brings you forward as you are competing against fewer businesses in your particular niche.

Digital dynamics agency can greatly benefit from Messenger ads as it befits its requirements in promoting the company. It is a service providing company which solely depends on the trust and rapport between customers than the agency. Also, messenger provides a better platform for after-sales services and customer support. Another benefit of using messenger ads is the engagement it provides. It doesn’t bombard users with ‘shop now’ messages that sometimes scare away the customers rather it allows them to send a message or start a conversation. You can also send sponsored messages directly to the inbox of the targeted audience. These messages can be personalised where each customer gets this tailored personal customer service. This increases engagement and builds trust which stops customers from bouncing off.

Messenger or other messaging platforms allows customers to reach out to businesses faster and this in turn allows businesses to respond quickly. Using these live chat options has become a necessity for businesses recently as people don’t like waiting for emails to be responded. In this fast world, people want their problems to be solved quickly; this demands shorter responding time from the businesses. Responding faster also allows businesses to reach to the more potential customer thus increasing the odds of closing deals.

Another feature of messenger ads is that it works better in targeting local audience than its competitors such as Google. Messenger has introduced this local awareness feature that helps in targeting a particular audience to increase engagement rates. This also provides the opportunity to provide specific or exclusive deals to the targeted area. The somewhat informality of the messenger ads it helps determine the customers who are actually interested in the product. A casual conversation with customers dealing what they really want distinguishes genuine customers from cold traffic. One of the added benefits of running messenger ads is that it makes remarketing very easy. Once you are inside someone’s inbox reaching them again for some other product or service becomes smoother as it provides you with this instant access.

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